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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: An entrepreneur who has an idea for business that will service the recreational trails (land or water) and/or outdoor enthusiasts in general.

Q: Where can the business or proposed business be located?


A: The current or proposed business must be physically located within the contest boundaries of Hydetown, Oil Creek Township, and Titusville in eastern Crawford County, all of Venango County, and Foxburg in Clarion County. 


Q: Is this contest for new or existing businesses?

A: Plans may be submitted for proposed start-ups or existing businesses.

Q: Are non-profit businesses eligible?


A: Businesses or proposed businesses must be for-profit organizations, which are not delinquent on any local, state or federal taxes.

Q: Is prior business experience required?

A: Close examination will be given to the previous business experience of the applicant. Preference will be given to applicants with a demonstrated need.

Q: Do contest winners receive a cash award upon completion of required forms?

A: Business plan contest winners must agree that any cash prizes received from the contest must be treated as revenue for the business and not for personal use.  The business plan submitted for the contest should reference how the prize money would be used in the event the business is one of the winners chosen.  Cash awards are paid to the winners as reimbursements for receipts presented, and not a cash lump sum.

Q: Do we have to submit a business plan with our application?

A: No. Only finalists will need to draft and present a business plan. All applicants, however, are required to submit a concept paper. From applications and concept papers, the panel of judges will select Semi-Finalists. Tips for writing concept papers can be found here.

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